Fashion: Matching sets

Fashion: Matching sets

My capsule wardrobe isn’t perfect just yet. I might need to make some small adjustments here and there. Therefore I’m always on the hunt for pieces to complement my wardrobe. Right now my focus is on cross-season or transitional pieces. Pieces that can be worn for multiple seasons or ideally through all seasons. Just like sweaters, cardigans or button down shirts as well as cropped pants and pleated skirts. 

Lately I’m captivated by matching sets and if the word “pajama” comes to your mind, that’s right. That’s actually exactly it. Only with the adjunction it’s all day, every day wearable. Like a chic pajama for the day we could say. Let’s agree that a pajama might be essential throughout the whole year, a matching set can be too. It’s airy enough to wear it during summer, paired with a warm sweater as fall look, with boots and wrapped in a coat we will stay warm during winter and with a denim or leather jacket it’s also perfect for spring. So the matching set matches all challenges and that’s what we are looking for in our capsule wardrobes, right.

matching set capsule wardrobe

Perfect match

Right now you can find matching sets like everywhere. Different patterns, sets made of silk, knitted sets, you name it. I personally have a few demands on my matching set. First of all it has to be tone on tone and I prefer neutrals. I don’t like sets with different patterns that much. So my choice would be white / cream, sand or black. More so my perfect matching set has to be airy and with a relaxed fit but it hast to stay in shape while wearing. So instead of a knitted set I would go for a silk or silklike set all the time. And I guess with the matching set from A part of the art I found my perfect match. It meets all my expectations and so much more. It’s high in quality, timeless and definitely not overpriced. I love it.

matching set

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