Fashion: My capsule summer wardrobe

Fashion: My capsule summer wardrobe

Sustainable, minimalistic and trendy?! If these are some attributes you require from your summer wardrobe, then you should definitely keep on reading about a capsule wardrobe. 

I heard and read a lot about the concept of a capsule wardrobe lately. First of all, it’s really simple, effortless and genius. You need about 30 pieces in total for every new season. That’s actually the whole secret about a capsule wardrobe. Thirty might not sound much, but if you stick to a few rules, you will have enough outfit possibilities throughout the whole summer.

Capsule wardrobe rules

First rule, start with basic pieces. They will probably be used and needed the most, because they build the outfit base. So it’s worth to invest in a few high quality basics. While choosing your basics, stick to 3 to 6, maybe 7 different colors. Make sure that they work well together. So you can easily mix and swap your pieces in between and you will always get a harmonious overall look. My favorite colors are white / cream, black, blue. But because we are talking about a summer wardrobe I like to add some red and light green shades to my capsule wardrobe. As you can see I stick to 5 colors and that’s totally fine.

Next, we need to think about cross-seasonal pieces. These transition pieces are not just perfect to connect different seasons, because we wear and choose them not only for one season, we will fulfill the sustainable aspect as well. Hence they should be long-living and they don’t have to be super trendy.

By the way, let’s talk about trends because of course we also need some trendy pieces for our capsule wardrobe. Therefore it’s totally fine to find out what’s hot right now and what fits your personal style. A few new trendy pieces add something fresh and special to every look.

My capsule summer wardrobe

Now that we have a guideline, I will show you my list of pieces that should be in my capsule summer wardrobe:


Basics : button down shirts; button down striped shirts; some basic tees; ribbed tops; cropped pants; some good jeans; shorts; summer dresses; (heeled) sandals.

Cross-Season Pieces

Cross-Season : sweaters; cardigan; long cardigan; blazer; pleated skirt; sneakers; flats; ballerinas.

Trend pieces

Trendy pieces : flared jeans; white blazer; mom fit shorts; puffed sleeve dresses or shirts; denim skirt; wedges; mules.

capsule summer wardrobe basics

These are all the pieces I need to build my capsule summer wardrobe and I will try to stick to it the whole summer. If you would like to see some of my outfits, go check out my instagram „ByJuliaK“ and maybe get some new inspiration.

capsule summer wardrobe accessories

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