Lifestyle: Living like Scandinavians

Lifestyle: Living like Scandinavians

Untouched nature. Local food. The concept of minimalism. The joy of exercising. Self-love. Happiness. Keywords which describe Scandinavia perfectly to me. The beauty of the northern countries is breathtaking and fulfilling. No wonder Finland and Denmark are the leading countries where the happiest people in the world live. And we can learn a few things from the Scandinavians and use it to find our own happiness or at least to live a much more relaxed life.

What we can learn from Scandinavians

Spending time outdoors. Enjoying untouched nature. It’s barely an effort but will have a huge effect on your mindset. There is barely anything more calming and enlightening than a walk through the quiet nature. Soak it all in, set your mind free and just be in the moment. Beyond it’s easy to connect spending some time in nature and exercise. The next important thing we can learn from Scandinavians.

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People from the north really enjoy exercising no matter what. Let alone they simply don’t accept any excuses, because exercising is part of their daily routines. Long walks. Going by bike when possible. A morning run. A yoga session. So many possibilities that can be easy integrated into the daily routine.

Local Food. Gathering together. Preparing and cooking dinner with friends and family. Scandinavians enjoy food and everything connected with it. As long as it’s in a relaxed atmosphere, no hurry and no pressure, it’s a great way to find happiness.

Minimalism is a huge thing in Scandinavia. It reflects in a very clean interior and fashion style. Scandinavians tend to own much less. They love to find joy in the small things and invest in high quality pieces. So minimalism isn’t boring, it’s special. And it’s liberating when you have to focus on the important things.

All these things in total lead to more self-love and relaxations and in the end it brings happiness. I’m always fascinated how laid back and easy going everything is in Scandinavia. I love that feeling – no pressure, no hurry. Just go with the flow. Surround yourself with people you like and don’t waste your time for toxic people. Invest in yourself. You can see how much the little things can affect your own happiness. 

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