Beauty: Morning Vibes

Beauty: Morning Vibes

A good morning is vital to set the tone for the whole day and a good routine really helps to get things going. I always stick to my routines as often as I can. If I have to skip something because I’m in a hurry or whatever, it’s really difficult for me to get things going throughout the whole day. 

morning vibes

Morning skin care

My morning usually starts with my skin care routine. After getting up, I brush my teeth and clean my skin. This ritual washes away the night and gives me new energy. My skin care routine consists of a soft cleansing gel, a hydrating face mist, a hyaluronic serum followed by a good moisturizer with a high sun protection. During the years I tried a lot but usually with the same effect – my skin felt dull and dry. A couple of years ago I was introduced to Dermalogica. Finally my skin improved completely. For now I only use the moisturizer with sun screen from Dermalogica and combine it with the La Roche Possay hyaluronic serum for best results. A – my skin feels fresh and hydrated during the whole day. B – I don’t have to think about the sun protection because it’s included in my moisturizer.

I stick to the serum / moisturizer combo for some years now. But I also like to try out new products for example for cleansing. Right now I use the Toleriane cleansing gel from La Roche Posay but I will try a soft cleansing foam from Lumene next. I like to make small changes here and there so my skin won’t get used to the routine too much. I will tell you more about the Lumene cleansing foam on my Instagram as soon as I put it to the acid test. But I’m sure it will be great and it will work well with the anti pollution micellar cleansing water from Chanel. I use it after cleansing and before applying my serum. I love the Chanel micellar water because of its consistence and the smell.

Never without coffee

My skin care routine is my perfect fresh start for the day but I’m not myself without a huge cup of coffee (sometimes two, if I slept poorly). I love coffee and I have to admit that I’m probably addicted. If I don’t get my coffee in the morning I suffer from headache the whole day. Fortunately that happens very rarely.

morning vibes


I prefer a light breakfast with my morning coffee. Usually I eat porridge with some seasonal fruits like berries during summer and I always sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Sometimes I also add a bit yoghurt to the porridge to get some variety. During summer I also like an açaí bowl for a slow start. It gets me the energy I need for the day and is filling enough for some hours.

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