In My Closet: 10 wardrobe essentials

In My Closet: 10 wardrobe essentials

A womans closet has its very own story. Every single one is different and so are we. Our life, the experiences we made, the dreams we have, our insecurities just like our strengths, all these factors shape our wardrobe. It’s like a box full of personal treasures and every box is different.

Well, at least there are or should be a few items that you can find in every closet. These staple pieces are the foundation of our treasure box and no matter how good or bad we feel, these basics mark the start of every good outfit. So here are my 10 wardrobe essentials:

wardrobe essentials


A well-fiiting, comfy denim is what everyone needs in their closet

For me, as a skirt & dress kind of girl, a simple skirt is a must

Same as the skirt just easier to wear because I don’t need to think about a shirt etc.

Wardrobe essentials bottoms


It works all the time with every outfit around the year

Blouse / Shirt
Easy and simple but with a touch of more elegance

Pullover / Sweater
It’s my must have for colder seasons and the perfect piece for layering

It’s THE piece for layering and goes with everything

wardrobe essentials tops


Comfy shoes
For me comfy shoes are either Sneakers or Boots and I definitely need them in my closet

Elegant shoes
They don’t necessarily need to have high heels but they need to be a bit more chic

Lounge wear
Especially since Corona we value a good ensemble of lounge wear in our closets, right?

wardrobe specials

So these are my 10 wardrobe essentials. What do you think. Did I miss something?

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