Season Style Guide: My favorite fall colors

Season Style Guide: My favorite fall colors

Fall is my favorite season not just fashionwise. I really love all these amazing fall colors just like the fresh air in the morning. The great golden sunsets in the evening are just magical and the leaves change their colors almost every day. That’s awesome to watch especially when every ray of light shows us hundreds of fall nuances every day. That’s one reason I love to spend time outside and because it’s just amazing to come home for a hot chocolate in the evening. Fortunately fall is not just cold and windy. Some days are still a bit warmer so we can wear our beloved summer dresses. The best about it is that it’s already chilly enough to wear it with a knitted cardigan. Mmmh, sweet, sweet fall season!

Fall is THE fashion season to me. It’s the time of the year when you can combine the best of two seasons – summer and winter. We can wear summer dresses with knitted cardigans, slip skirts with a cute sweater, shorts with a oversized pullover and all while we can still go bare legged. As a matter of fact we have thousands of possible outfit combinations and layering is key to adjust the weather. That’s the way I like it!

Fall Color Looks

Favorite Fall Colors

Next to the possible combinations I especially love all the amazing fall colors. This year I prefer all chocolate, hazelnut, toffee and cream / white nuances as well as greenish shades because it’s all so soft and great! This fall I will definitely go for monochrome looks but I also love that these colors perfectly match so I can easily mix just how I like.

Fall Colors

Dream Items

Felt like I should show you my dream items for fall. Some pieces I already had in my closet like this green leather pencil skirt but I also ordered a few new things like this cream white leather shirt – the so called shaket – or the cream white midi skirt to make my fall wardrobe more complete. I will definitely live in these pieces this fall. Although I have to admit that my fall wardrobe is not complete yet. I’m still on the hunt for some more relaxed trousers and an oversized shirt preferred in chocolate or hazelnut brown. As I already mentioned these nuances are just so perfect this fall and somewhat yummy. Who wouldn’t want to wear chocolate?!

Fall Outfit Inspo

What about you? Do you like fall and which fall colors are your favorite this year?

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