Hey and Welcome to „By Julia K“

Hey and welcome to „By Julia K“ – my fashion and lifestyle blog. A hub for minimal fashion lovers, outfit inspo seekers, everything-about-scandi enthusiasts, neutral shades fanciers and capsule wardrobe newbies. A space to share odds and ends that make life more pleasing, appealing, winsome, stunning, irresistible, beguiling, aesthetic, magnificent or in short – worth living.

If you are, like me, enthusiastic about food and cooking, eager to learn more about well-being and self care and if you are passionate about creating your dream home. This blog might be the exact right place to find good inspiration. And if you are merely looking for outfits and everything fashion related then it might still be the right spot for you. You’ll get plenty of minimal, neutral, casual, nonchalant, effortless and simple outfit inspo here and on my Instagram.

At the moment I’m zealously about to generate a capsule wardrobe for every season consisting of high quality transitional pieces as well as good, long lasting basics plus some trendy additions. Everything will be under the influence of Scandinavia. That is where my roots are from and where my heart always feels like home. Hence I like to wear minimal, effortless outfits in primarily neutral shades – just like Scandi people do.

If all of the above sounds intriguing or at least engaging enough to encourage further reading, I would be overjoyed. And with that I say welcome boys and girls, ladies and gentleman, fashion addicts, outfit lovers, scandi enthusiasts, foodies, spare time chefs, drink connoisseurs, self care lovers, health gurus, well-being genius, dream home creators, hobby gardeners, flower experts and interior experts. Cheers to a space of fondness, warmth, humanity, compassion, kindness, fineness, empathy, understanding, togetherness, like-minded, grace and good taste. Cheers to us!

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