Fashion: Fall layers

Fashion: Fall layers

Fall is the most beautiful season when it comes to outfits. The crisp air makes it possible and necessary to layer up. It’s finally the right time to dig out the beloved boots and everything that makes us feel cozy and keeps us warm (still not too warm). Dressing in layers is a safe way to always be prepared. You can undo and redo your layers during the day when the weather changes.

Layering is like a piece of fine art and you might already know who masters this kind of art perfectly. Right, Scandinavians! We can and should learn from them to step up our game. Because, who doesn’t want their layers to be effortless but modern and elegant all at once. There are a couple good rules to follow.

fall layers

So here is my guide to layer like a Scandinavian:

Base Layers

Start with the first layer, our base layer. It should be the thinnest layer, but still it should keep you warm. So we are looking for breathable, organic materials.

The Blazer

The next piece that seems to be made for layering is the blazer. This wardrobe must-have gives you immediately a refined and extra polished all over look.

The Coat

The third layer is a floor skimming length coat, preferred in an oversized silhouette. It will allow to wear many layers unnoticed underneath and there will be still enough space to wear even more layers if needed.

The Knit

The last layer is the knit and if you follow the Scandinavian way of wearing it, it can also be worn as accessory, by wrapping it around the neck. That’s also the reason I consider it to be the last layer. But of course it can be worn as layer underneath the blazer.

If you follow this four step guide you will be ready and prepared for whatever the weather throws at you, I promise and I hope to see you on By JuliaK on Instagram.

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