Fashion: Let’s talk fashion

Fashion: Let’s talk fashion

Let’s kick off a fashion dictionary to collect all the important terms I use frequently here on my blog. Sometimes all these fashion related words can be quite confusing. So a simple and quick summary may help to keep on track. I will constantly expand this fashion dictionary. If I stumble upon new and important terms that might need a more detailed description.

fashion dictionary

My fashion dictionary

Capsule wardrobe : A small collection of clothes that can easily be mixed and matched together in different ways to maximize the number of looks. The aim is to create a wardrobe that consists of essential and timeless pieces. This minimalistic wardrobe can be expanded by trendy pieces for the respective season.

Basic pieces : A basic piece can be any piece of clothing that might build the foundation of your wardrobe just like a white t-shirt.

Transitional pieces / cross season : A transitional piece can be any piece of clothing or accessory that might be used for multiple seasons as a constant in your wardrobe.

Cropped pants : technically, cropped pants end anywhere from below the knee to above the ankle. By “cropped pants” here on my blog, I refer to those pants that end a few inches above the ankle.

Culottes : a kind of pants, usually knee-length or calf-length, in a flared cut that looks like a skirt.

Button down shirt : are affectively all shirts that have buttons all the way down to the shirt.

fashion dictionary

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