Lifestyle: Soothe your soul

Lifestyle: Soothe your soul

I know, I know. Nobody wants to think about the upcoming winter especially now when the temperatures are still 24 degrees celsius. Winter still seems to be far away but believe me, it will come and in these uncertain times we are living in, it might be a really looong winter and we might need something to soothe our soul.

soothe your soul

Soothe your soul

Frankly, I can barely watch or read any news lately, because all you hear and read is “we have to save energy” and “everything will become more and more expensive”. It’s important, I get it and everyone of us has to contribute – I know. But this constant scaremongering is nerve wracking and let alone exhausting. Therefore I think I need to change my take on the negative things that happen right now and transform it into something positive. Into something, I’m really looking forward to, something that soothes my soul.

We can’t change a lot of things that happen right now. So we have to accept it in one way or another. But we can make the best out of it. If we have to save energy then we have to find other ways to stay warm and I don’t mean any huge investments. I will, for example, get some warm and cozy wool and cotton blend blankets for my living room. It’s nothing new or fancy but it’s good for my mind and soul. So if we have to reduce the heater during winter, I can snuggle up in a stylish blanket with a hot beverage by my side.

An other thing, I already purchased, are down slippers. I hate to have cold feet and these will do the magic, I’m sure. I will also invest in some cozy, warm lounge wear sets and some beautiful candle holders. Nothing big, but for me something with a huge effect, something I can look forward to. All these things soothe my soul and my mind. I can only make the best out of it right now as long as I can’t change it.

soothe your soul

My advice to you…

My advice to you this week – do something that makes you happy and soothes you. Small things can have a huge effect. Step away from all the negativity – there is still beauty out there.

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