Fashion: Accessories for the capsule summer wardrobe

Fashion: Accessories for the capsule summer wardrobe

Capsule summer wardrobe – do you remember my post? I hope you tried it already and I hope you stick to that plan. I do and I absolutely love it. It’s, hands down, so much easier now to find an outfit in the morning. Plus, I would have never thought that I could have so many different outfit possibilities just by sticking to a limited amount of pieces and color palette. Even though neutrals are totally my thing, it doesn’t have to be boring. I let my accessories do the hard work. 

Invest in jewelry

I always admire pretty jewelry on others. It’s the easiest way to elevate any outfit immediately. But I have to admit that I usually don’t wear a lot jewelry. I simply forget to put it on sometimes. So my plan is to remind myself more often to add some jewelry to my looks. Let’s see if it works out!

I like my jewelry to be minimalistic and simple – nothing too big or chunky. Golden jewelry is what I prefer but silver anklets on tanned skin look just amazing. My go-to pieces are definitely rings. I love rings and I love to layer them or to switch fingers throughout the day. Likewise I like to wear meaningful necklaces. I’m a bit picky though, because I want them to be connected with a story. That’s the personal touch I like to give to my outfits and a piece of jewelry with a personal meaning meets this instantly.

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Find suiting sunglasses

The one accessory with the ability to dress up or down any outfit immediately are sunglasses. Over the last few years I’ve amassed a small collection of a few pretty sunglasses I can choose from. Right now my MIU MIU shades are my favorite and there is a little fun fact: I saw these sunglasses summer 2021 on Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and fell instantly in love with them. A few weeks later I happen to find them in a store. I was actually looking for something else when I saw the sunglasses. It was the last pair of these specific shades plus they were on sale so I couldn’t resist and I didn’t regret the purchase just a bit. I love them.

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Hats and caps

The least worn accessory in my wardrobe are hats and caps. But I learned to love them and now I can’t be without them when I’m in the garden or spending my day in the sun. It’s a great sun and heat protection plus it’s a stylish addition to any summer look.

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A personal fragrance

The most precious but invisible accessory I have are fragrances. I always finish my look with my favorite fragrance. I’ve amassed a nice collection of fragrances for every season. For summer I like fresh, flowery and soft scents. Fragrances affect my mood a lot. They can put me in a good mood, make me feel confident or even sexy. My go-to scent is Chanel Chance Eau Vive.

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