Wellbeing: Something for my soul and body

Wellbeing: Something for my soul and body

Here we go again with something that strokes body and soul. Actually I planed to do a post about interior. Unfortunately my back had different plans because I suffer from bad back pain since Tuesday. It’s getting better every day but it’s just a slow progress. While my back is aching I think it’s the perfect moment to do something extra good to my body and soul. Our wellbeing is so important and we should really care more about ourselves.


The most important thing to feel good is exercise. Frankly I neglected this a bit lately and so now I have to deal with this back pain. It’s annoying because actually I could have saved my body to go through this again. Go for a walk and some exercises that strengthen my back are easy to integrate into every day life. I promised my back to care more about it when I’m fully recovered but until then I try to walk a bit every day, do some exercises and start with yoga again. Everything that helps to get some relief is very welcome and yoga really helps my back and is good for my mind as well.


Food is as important as exercise to me. I love to cook. It relaxes me to prepare everything and create some delicious meals. I always try to use fresh ingredients and I try to cut back on meat. I love vegetables and fruits a lot. This is how my kind of soul food looks like.


Skin care is the best to get my soul and body into harmony. I love to have long hot showers and when I want to give my body a special treatment, I use my favorite shower gel from Lumene Finland. I bought it last year when I made a little trip to Helsinki and I immediately fell in love with the fresh smell. A few days ago I ordered some new ones from Finland to get into this special mood – I always feel relaxed and free when I’m in Helsinki.

After a long shower I always love to use a face mask to pamper my skin. You can find different masks in my bathroom. I love the sebum clearing masque or multivitamin recovery masque from Dermalogica. Also I often use the Oxygen recovery 72h hydra gel mask from Lumene. I love the smell and they are not sticky on the skin. Mostly I leave the mask on over night and when I wash my face in the morning it’s soft and moisturized and my skin has a special glow the whole day.

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These things help me to stroke my soul and body when I need to care a bit about myself. But we should do a lot more for our wellbeing because we only have this one body and we should really be thankful for every day that we are happy and healthy.

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