Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring is always a special season to me. The past years we had a dark, thankfuly not too cold, but humid winter. The amount of days the sun was out during December, January and February is low, probably below ten. So it’s always a relief when the darker months are over and the sun comes out again and you can literally see how everything, especially nature, comes to life.

Every season has something special and I can’t say that I detest winter. It’s actually a great season for winding down and to enjoy calm and peaceful moments at home and candle light gets me into this mood every time. I love that but frankly it also leads to some boredom – especially fashion wise. During the darker months, my outfits become darker as well. I prefer black, grey or dark blue and I almost could life in the same pants and sweaters the whole time. So spring is not just a kind of renewal for Mother Nature, but also for my personal looks.

Now that I’m about to build a capsule wardrobe, I need to overthink which pieces I need for this particular season.

Spring staples

  1. Basic shirts
  2. Button down shirts
  3. Lightweight sweaters and cardigans
  4. Lightweight coats and jackets
  5. Blazers and boucle jackets
  6. Cropped pants and jeans
  7. Skirts and dresses

Now, that we narrowed down the pieces we need for spring, we can go back to our general capsule wardrobe list or our closet and check what’s already there. The best thing about a capsule wardrobe is, that with some time, you’ll already have everything you need. Maybe one or two additions are still necessary, but I guess we are already well positioned yet. 

spring capsule wardrobe