Lifestyle: What means ‚being in shape‘

Lifestyle: What means ‚being in shape‘

What does ‚being in shape‘ mean to me? By definition, being in shape is to be in good, robust health and condition, to be strong or fit. So, being in shape seems to be a wide topic and it’s definitely more than just an easy answer. And being in shape is nothing you can directly see or assess just by looks. 

There are many prejudices in connection with the word „shape“. Many people automatically connect being in shape with being thin / skinny but that might lead to a wrong conclusion. To me, being in shape means feeling confident, being as healthy as you can and owning whatever it is that you have. Being in shape isn’t depending on your weight nor your size. Being in shape starts with being good to yourself and to be willing to live a healthy and happy life.

Healthy Lifestyle

Now, what’s a healthy lifestyle?! Well, I believe that depends on each and everyone of us. There is no magic recipe everyone can follow to be automatically in shape or healthier – even if some health brands may promise us otherwise.

Living a healthy lifestyle starts with being kind to yourself. I believe that your body tells you what you need, if you listen and care properly for it. For example, I don’t like fast food very much, so I don’t eat it. It makes me feel really lethargic. I assume that my body wants something fresh to get the energy it needs. So I try to cook almost every day something fresh. If I’m too busy, I prepare my meals in advance and keep them in the fridge. For the most part during the week, vegetables and fish are on the menu. Hence I allow myself something I’m really craving for on the weekends. 

what means being in shape

Working out

The eating habits are just one thing, a working out routine another. To be honest, I don’t like workouts pretty much. But it’s a necessary part of the whole being kind to yourself thing. Truth is our body needs exercises. Doing workouts on a regular base won’t just improve your fitness, but it also helps to reduce stress and you can also release pressure and pent-up anger. So it’s good for your fitness and your mental health as well. I guess everyone knows the rush of dopamine after a good workout, right? That’s definitely worth the whole struggle. 

what means being in shape

Mental Health

Speaking of mental health, that’s the third part of living a healthy lifestyle. A workout routine is a great possibility to reduce stress but it takes much more than just that. It’s important to take little breaks here and there to just enjoy life without any pressure or deadlines buzzing around in your head. Just do what you want to do, what feels right. Maybe start reading a great book, watch a movie or drink a glass of wine while chatting with your best friend. Do something that takes your mind off of the world’s problems and just own where you are. Love yourself.

what means being in shape

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