Lifestyle: (Re)Launch of my blog

Lifestyle: (Re)Launch of my blog

Welcome to my blog “by Julia K”,

I started this blog a few years ago as a creative outlet. I always had a weak spot for fashion and everything that belongs to it. I’m a shopaholic, a crazy shoe lady and I can’t get enough of pretty designer bags. I love to take photos and I guess I’m not too bad in writing either – at least I hope so. So this blog, my blog, was a great opportunity to combine all these things and many more.

Blog relaunch

Unfortunately live sometimes has weird plans and so the last couple of years were sad, tough, uncertain, sometimes dark but always challenging. All these things have led to a writer’s block and a lack of inspiration. But I never lost my love for fashion and photography and that really helped me. It might sound weird but creating outfits in my mind distracts me from brooding over problems and brings me happiness. And frankly I think right now is the right time for some positive thoughts. It’s definitely the right time for some distraction and encouragement. In all this negativity we can still find hope, inspiration and love. We have to focus on the good things to keep our body, mind and soul healthy and happy and I think doing this together can be a great thing. 

5th of May

I decided to (re)launch my blog in May. Actually I don’t know why but May marks always the start to something fresh and fun like summer. I was just uncertain with the exact date. So I did a little research and it turns out that the 5th of May marks the day that Coco Chanel introduced the iconic fragrance Chanel No.5 (1921).

It seems that Mrs. Chanel had quite an affinity for the number five. She not only presented her favorite tweed dress collection on this exact date in 1954, they release still to this day every new Haute Couture Collection on the 5th of May. So I thought if this number brought Coco Chanel so much luck, it could work for me too and I’m very much in the interest of taking good luck where ever I can find it. Here it is (again) the official launch of my blog „by Julia K“. 

Cheers to…

So cheers to enjoyment & inspiration, to badass ladies & gents who inspire change, to finding beauty where ever we go, even in the most unexpected, cheers to sharing insecurity & creating ideas and finding solutions, cheers to supporting and embracing our diversities & flaws, cheers to eating & sharing delicious food & recipes, and taking it all in – with class, with a smile and with a good sense of humor and with positivity. Cheers to finding the inspiration we are so much longing for.

Relaunch Blog

I hope to see you on Instagram By JuliaK as well.

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