Lifestyle: My personal Staycation 101

Lifestyle: My personal Staycation 101

Sometimes jumping on a plane, train or traveling by car isn’t in the cards. At the moment traveling in general isn’t even possible due to the pandemic. So the only opportunity we have is to stay at home and enjoy a nice little staycation. To be honest a vacation at your own place can be more relaxing and restful as you would imagine, if done right. Here are my advices that might help you make the best out of your stay at home sweet home.

Turn off

There is nothing more relaxing that turning off your devices. If you can’t live without, at least take a long break from them every day on your staycation. Without the distractions of texting, reading emails, snapping stories or photos etc. your brain will get a well needed rest. Just use your devices the way you would do if you could vacate somewhere far far away. Enjoy the here and there.

Turn on

Think about the songs that gives you immediately a vacation feeling. I’m sure everyone knows a few songs that brings you in this mood. So create a playlist that transports you to a beautiful beach. Mmmh, can you feel it?!

Treat yourself right

Order in a delicious meal or cook your favorite food. Truth be said, preparation is everything. If you want to cook on your own, make sure you’ll have everything you need there. Planing, preparing and cooking can be very relaxing. Enjoy the process of cooking or the waiting for the delivery while having a glass of wine. Maybe take a long bath before or after und just treat yourself with a face mask or a manicure / pedicure.

Netflix & Chill

Frankly I never watched as many movies or series as I did during this pandemic. I really fell in love with a few of them and a staycation is a great opportunity to make a movie marathon or watch a whole series again all cuddled up on your couch.

Hotel special

Extra cozy slippers, plush bathrobes and some special energizing water with cucumber slices are a few things that make our stay at a hotel special. So why not keep that in mind on our staycation?! Transform your casa in a great boutique hotel just for yourself.

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