Fashion: How to elevate your style

Fashion: How to elevate your style

How would you describe your own style? This question is kind of tricky at least to me. When I think about it, a lot of words come up to my mind. I would describe my style as casual and comfy but with a sometimes chic or elegant touch. I guess this is a common answer and actually when I think about it again, my style seems not to be really special. But I’m glad that there are ways to elevate my style.

A while ago I told you in In My Closet: 10 wardrobe essentials something about pieces that form the foundation of every closet. These classic pieces are important for your style. As I said, they are the foundation of every look but these pieces are also just basics and mostly simple so they won’t help to make an outfit special. Today I would like to show you a few ways that I’ve learned to take my style to the next level. You can really change the outcome of an outfit by using accessories, makeup, shoes etc.

It might sound simple and it actually is. You don’t need a big range of jewelry or sunglasses or belts etc. It’s just important that you know what goes great with what outfit and what emphasizes your merits. Simple changes make a huge difference. Because if we feel great in our outfits we are the best version of ourself and that is the best way to elevate our style.

Accessories to elevate your style

Using accessories to take your style to the next level is the best way. Personally I barely wear jewelry. I don’t know why but sometimes I simply forget to put a necklace/ring on. That being said, I actually like simple golden or rose golden jewelry. I prefer pieces with a meaning like my zodiac sign or birth stone and I like to layer necklaces when I wear them. I always wear them when I wear something with a low neckline. Then I think necklaces are a must and really make the look different.

Jewelry Style

Apart from jewelry I love to elevate my style by wearing belts to emphasize my waist. It’s a simple way to make a skirt / shirt look more special or to spice up a simple shirt or to put the focus on your coat etc.

The easiest accessories to add to your outfits are sunglasses or glasses in general. They can make you look reliable, fancy, casual or smart or they say: don’t talk to me today! You decide!


If you want to elevate your style with makeup it depends on how much makeup you usually wear. My everyday makeup is simple. I like a natural glow and I only add some mascara and some nude colored lipstick. But if I want to spice my look up a bit I go for red lips. I can also recommend red nails. It’s both so simple with a huge effect.

Makeup style

It’s all about the shoes

My last tip to elevate your style is to add fancy shoes to your basic outfit. My personal favorites are colored high heels or shoes with something special. But they don’t necessarily need to have heels or be colorful. Square toe boots or platform sneakers are special too and spice every outfit up.

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