Fashion: The iconic tweed jacket

Fashion: The iconic tweed jacket

For more than 70 years the tweed jacket is probably THE most iconic and classic piece a woman can have in her wardrobe. Invented in 1950 by Mrs. Coco Chanel, the tweed jacket, also called “La Veste”, became more than just a garment, the iconic jacket became a piece of art. Coco Chanel followed her vision to create something for women to feel good and to look feminine at the same time. She expressed that vision in creating the famous tweed jacket – an elegant and comfortable garment.

Tweed Jacket

Over the years we saw a lot of great looks of tweed jackets but to be honest, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex’s Look at the Invictus Games 2022 was THE look that made my heart beat faster. Her look was so effortless, chic, sophisticated but still so laid-back. So I couldn’t stop myself from buying a tweed jacket. Chanel and Celine, where Meghan’s jacket is from, were way out of my budget though. So I checked my favorite brands for a more affordable one and got lucky. I found a quite similar one by Mango. What should I say, the tweed jacket is perfect. Oh my heart be still.

Meghan’s Tweed Jacket Look recreated

I recreated Meghan’s famous look with a few small adjustments. I added black penny loafers instead of ballerinas and chose my classic Chanel bag for example. What impresses me the most about this look is the way the iconic jacket got dressed down. A classic piece, like the tweed jacket, always makes a very elegant and polished look. By adding a simple shirt and relaxed fit jeans you get a laid-back vibe but the whole look stays chic and sophisticated. 

Tweed Jacket Meghan Markle Look
Tweed Jacket

Classic Look

Now we know how to dress the tweed jacket down but we also love it for what it is – THE most classic piece. So here is my idea of a classic tweed look as well. Inspired by Mrs. Chanel I went with the black and white theme. So I paired the black jacket with white pants and added black heels and I really like this classic style. I would totally wear it both in the office and for a dinner date.

Tweed Jacket office look

Now it’s up to you – are you team laid-back or team classic? 

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