Fashion: Capsule wardrobe workwear

Fashion: Capsule wardrobe workwear

Workwear. Summer. Warm weather. Stuffy offices. These few words all together can mean trouble. It’s often difficult to find office-appropriate outfits for warmer days. If you still want to look polished and pulled together the entire day, here are some smart pieces from your capsule summer wardrobe that will do the trick. Oh, and psst – some pieces are even appropriate through fall.

Capsule wardrobe workwear

Button down shirt

A button down shirt is THE perfect piece for any occasion and of course it shouldn’t be missed in your workwear department. You can either roll up the sleeves (it will be fall appropriate than) or you invest in some short-sleeved pieces. Summer appropriate shirts should be made of airy fabrics like linen or lightweight cotton. Just make sure to iron or steam it, before you’ll wear it. That makes your whole look more polished.

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are my go-to summer workwear pants since Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, wore them. You may know by now that Meghan is one of my fashion idols and she really never disappoints. When she wore her dark blue Bermuda shorts paired with a white button down shirt and nude heels, I knew what kind of pants I needed.

Capsule wardrobe workwear

Short sleeved sweater

A short-sleeved sweater is a more polished and elegant version of the basic t-shirt and a good alternative to button down shirts.

Wide leg pants

Wide leg pants are my choice for chillier summer days or if the office requires long pants. I would always choose light colors and a super airy fabric for a polished summer look.

Capsule wardrobe workwear

Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is THE workwear piece par excellence and shouldn’t be missed on this list. It can be worn perfectly with button down shirts or short-sleeved sweaters. A pencil skirt look will always appear polished and put-together and who else gets Rachel from Suits vibes?

Shape wear

If you, like me, prefer light colored pants, skirts or dresses for warm weather, nude colored underwear and some lightweight shape wear are essential. Some good Spanx will make you look flawless in a pencil skirt.

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